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West Hendon Broadway - London (In progress)

43 apartments, Retail unit and Undercroft parking.

West Hendon Broadway is an up-and-coming area with a number of multi-storey residential projects under construction as well as significant infrastructure upgrades. The project comprises 43 mixed tenure apartments for Clarion Housing Group with a ground floor commercial unit, which has been let to a gym operator. The site drops by a storey along Cool Oak Lane allowing access to undercroft parking which sits under the building and a communal garden area for the residents.


Following the insolvency of the previous Contractor, CHP in conjunction with Clarion, Gleeds, and McLaren have unpicked the work of the previous Contractor and systematically rebuilt the proposal. The resultant building is a significant improvement on the previous scheme offering well-appointed stylish apartments and lifting the character of the areas. Many of the apartments have an impressive view over Brent Reservoir toward Wembley Stadium.  


This is a complex scheme of refurbishment, on a difficult site, within a busy London Borough. The resultant scheme by Clarion and McLaren is a testament to the dedication of the team.

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