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The Pits and Old Village Hall - Bladon

11 residential rental units for Blenheim Estate, designed to be carbon neutral.

This site is in the Bladon old quarry, which had been partially infilled and used as a small holding. We were appointed by Blenheim to look at options for the site and following a Pre-app with West Oxon, we decided to base the form of the units on a courtyard farm style as this would turn the units in on themselves and therefore contain the development within the two clearings amongst the existing trees.

The scheme successfully sits discretely within the tree canopy and the plain clay tiles tie the scheme to the housing on the opposite side of Grove Road. Then the later scheme to build on the Old Village Hall site is designed to be in similar materials to the new scheme behind, but the form is in keeping with the chalet bungalows to the west. The two new houses are designed to be carbon neutral using clay blocks and modern techniques to create a highly sealed passive design.

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