How We Work

Our size means that our service is personal, with a Director/s involved in each project from the initial meeting through to completion providing a collaborative experience.


We have dedicated Architects and Technicians who work with the Directors, to produce tailored Planning Submission, Building Control Working/Production information for the design and construction of all types of building projects.


We use a number of computer programmes to provide 2D and 3D Drawings, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Specifications, report etc. But we can also draw by hand and find many issues are best resolved by a hand drawn sketch on site.


All aspects of the Practice work and staff conditions are set up and organised through our office Quality Management System. And we offer Master Planning and Contractor Administrator services when required.


Increasingly there are specialist requirement to be discharged as part of the approvals process. CHP Architects will advise on the team required and liaise with the other professionals, advisors and client team members to discharge the Project obligations. We can also act as Lead Designer to satisfy the CDM regulations.


Our aim is to create good relationships with our Clients and to build up a working relationship, as this is efficient and therefore profitable on many levels. We prefer to provide buildings which have a sense of place and enhance the locality – providing simple legible drawings which the Planners, Client and Contractor can follow.