49 Grove Road, Bladon

As an Architect you sometime only get to try things on your own home. Our house in Bladon is a 1920’s council house which has been in my family since construction – bought in 1967 – and always know for its cold damp interior. We dug out 300mm inside the house and rebuilt the floor with 150mm of insulation – we lined all the external walls internally with a 70mm timber frame and insulation – we insulated the upstairs ceiling and the attic. Because the walls upstairs are brick and the floor timber we installed underfloor heating coils on the walls. The new extension is green oak and timber cassette construction. The floors reclaimed teak parquet from St Catherine’s College – the external timber Sapele packing cases. The windows and doors are from Velfac . The stone walls were constructed using stone we dug out of the site. The driveway is permeable and we have used reinforced grass for parking and a rout to the garage. There is rainwater harvesting and provision for solar thermal panels.


Most importantly there are several routes around the house to allow for Nerf Gun fights, and plenty of spots for hide and seek.